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2020 Honey Bees


Now taking orders for Italian Honey Bees.

I will be making 3 trips to Georgia to pick up loads of Honey Bees from the largest supplier on the East coast and Midwest. 

April & May

Two loads in April, one load in May. Order early, I have been getting numerous calls this year. Pay via PayPal (mikesbeehives@gmail.com) or mail a check to: Mike's Beehives LLC, 94 Mallory Rd Roxbury, CT 06783. Please indicate date preferred and include an email address for notifications. 

Guaranteed Fresh

Some of the best bees available. I drive down the night before, load up the next morning and drive straight through to CT. The only stops are food and facilities. No overnight stopping. You will have the bees 24-48 hours in the package. For pick up at my location only. I will not ship bees. Mike's Beehives LLC, 94 Mallory Rd, Roxbury, CT 06783


Marked queens (not recommended due to possibility of rejection) will be $10.00 extra on a first come first serve basis. 

Tell your friends

I will be bringing back 200 packages in each of the 3 loads. So if you are going to be away or are not ready for the first load, you can reserve for the second or third load for your convenience.

Payment Options

PayPal, Check, C. C. or Cash is preferred. Send payment by mail to Mike's Beehives LLC, 94 Mallory Rd. Roxbury, CT 06783 or PayPal mikesbeehives@gmail.com. Any questions please call: 203-648-2942

Coming this Spring


More Beekeeping Classes Coming! Check our "Events" page.

Beekeeping 101

3 Hour class on raising Honey Bees. For more info email me at mikesbeehives@gmail.com or call: 203-648-2942. All hives, equipment, tools & even Honey Bees will be available for purchase at all classes. 


Double wide Hive


No more heavy lifting! Over twice as wide, no double or triple stacked boxes, holds 25 standard, regular, deep Langstroth frames. Follower board included to control the amount of space they work. $325.00 incl. frames

Oxalic Acid Pipe


No expensive $150. spoon & battery or $450.gun to vaporize. Drill 1/4" hole in the back of one hive body, Ad 1/4 tsp acid, heat with a torch for 30 seconds. That's it! $30.00

Heated Bottom Board


Radiant heated bottom Board keeps hive temperature at a comfortable setting for the bees. Set temp. to +/- 40 degrees F and the hive temp will remain at that temp. regardless of the outside temp. $130.00

Custom Hive Engraving


Many choices to pick from. Stop by or email me to see more choices. Can be engraved onto a deep, medium, side or front panel of hive. 

Butterfly Houses


Invite butterflies into your yard and garden. Simply fasten to a short post or tree, place tree bark inside and wait. $30.00

Bat Houses


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits. Painted or unpainted.

About Us

Our Product Base

Patented Observation Hive Body. Using real double strength glass. View your bees 24/7, 365 days/yr.

Custom handcrafted beehives and accessories using Dovetail Joints, waterproof glue and nailed. Over 50 years of woodworking experience. 10 years of beekeeping experience. Full line of tools, equipment, mite treatments, specialty patented items found nowhere else. We pride ourselves in quality. We also drive to Georgia 3 times a year in the spring to bring back the freshest bees possible. 

Custom engraving available!

Custom engraving available!

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Custom built for quality


Built using 13/16" rough sawn pine; thicker than any competitors. External handles make it MUCH easier to lift and carry without taking away valuable material and insulation. Western Red Cedar also available.

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