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3 Lb. Italian Honey Bees (2019)


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I have already reserved and paid for 600 packages of Honey Bees for Spring of 2019. I drive to Georgia three times in April & May to bring back healthy, fresh bees. Fully mated queens. May 14, 2019. 

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I am presently fighting 3 types of cancer; Lymphoma, Leukemia and Prostate cancer. The prostate cancer has recently metastasized into my vertebrae (2 locations), 4 ribs and both of my hips. I am on chemo and start more radiation soon. I am unable to pay off my Dr. and hospital bills despite having insurance. Any amount will be appreciated. Thank you!

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Complete Hive


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Complete Hive

Base, Bottom Board, Entrance Reducer, 2 Deep Hive Bodies, 1 Med. Honey Super, 20 Deep Frames & 10 Med. Frames, Inner & Outer Covers, Feeding Shim, Tie Down Strap & Mouse Guard. (without frames deduct $100.) Painting available $40. extra.


Beekeepers Package


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Complete Hive Package, 3 Lb. Package of Italian Honey Bees, Jacket, Gloves, Smoker, Hive Tool, choice of Feeder, Pro Health, Mouse Guard & Hive Strap.


Observation Hive Body


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 Replace a typical hive body or add to your existing hive. This allows you to view the inside of your hive 24/7, 365 days a year in any weather without the bees flying around you. Two slide out panels allow you to see inside from the back and side in any conditions. Spouse, friends or children afraid of the bees, but curious as to what goes on in there? Bring them around the back, slide out the panel and watch safely without letting the bees out. 

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Sloped front for more landing space and ventilation under the hive. 


Screened Bottom Board


Slide out tray allows for maximum ventilation when needed. 


Slotted Bottom Board


Added protection against robbing from Yellow Jackets and other Wasps.


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Deep Hive Body


9-5/8" deep, brood chamber where queen lays her eggs. Holds 10 frames.


Medium Honey Super


6-5/8" deep for excess honey storage.  Holds 10 frames.


Inner Cover


Goes on top of whichever box is on top, has front upper entrance for easy access when hive is being built up.


Outer (Telescoping) Cover


Outermost cover. Extends over top of hive so bees can access upper entrance.


Standard Bottom Board


Goes on Base, as a floor for the hive.


Escape Screen


Use day before you intend to harvest honey. Place underneath the honey super. Bees go down at night and can't figure how to get back up.


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Hive ventilator; Replace the inner cover with this unique hive vent. Sucks the heat out fast.

Replace Inner Cover in the hot weather. Allows for heat to escape out all four sides. In the cooler months, put wood shavings in it to absorb moisture and insulates. Or use optional Moisture Pillow.


Moisture Pillow


Place in the Vent/Insul. to absorb moisture in the cold months.

$15.00 each or 2/$28.00

Barn Style Top


Brighten up your Apiary with the optional Barn Style Top. Has vent holes in front and back for added ventilation. Shown in wood. Also available with Sheet Metal or Copper cap.

$55./wood, $65./Sheet Metal, $100./Copper (real coper)

Top Feeder


Holds four gallons; 2 in each separate compartment. Easy access to refill without disturbing the bees. 


Pro Health


Feeding supplement; Lemongrass oil, Wintergreen oil and Thymol. Aids digestive and immune systems and promotes wax production. 16 Oz. makes up to 25 gallons.


Protein or Fondant Patties


Protein in the Spring & Summer, Fondant in the Fall & Winter. Supplemental feeds when needed.


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1 Gallon Inner Feeder


Fits on top of Inner Cover. Easy fill; needs additional box around it.


Front Entrance Feeder


Also known as a Boardman Feeder. Holds either 1 or 2 Qt. jar. Easiest to replace and see consumption.

$15./1 qt or $18./2 qt.

Feeding Shim


Place on top box in the Winter to allow extra space for Fondant Patties. 


Pollen Trap


Do you like Pollen? Place on front of hive. When bees enter, pollen falls off and goes into a drawer below. 


Custom Engraved Hives


Personalize your hive parts. Name, logo etc.

$25.00 & up.



Bees sometimes get a little ornery. A few puffs of smoke calms them down for more relaxed inspections.


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Hive Tool


A must when working in the hive. Bees propolize everything together. A red sticky epoxy they make from tree sap. Pry the boxes apart. 


Bee Brush


Gently brush the bees out of the way when doing your inspections. 


Frame Feeder


Fits inside hive; replaces 1 or 2 frames. Keeps syrup a little warmer in the cooler months.


Mouse Guard


Mice like to sneak into the hive in winter and make a disgusting mess. The metal mouse guard prevents this, saving you a hassle and replacing equipment in the spring. 


Metal Hive Stand


The hive needs to be about 10" off the ground for air circulation. Attractive metal stand with feet.


Plastic Hive Stand

Can be filled with sand for added weight. Includes screws to fasten hive & frame rest. 

Can be filled with sand for added weight. Includes screws to fasten hive & frame rest. 



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